Free Webinar: Survey Methods as an Opportunity for Analytic Integration in Mixed Methods Evaluation

This webinar is part of the Qualitative Research & Innovation Webinar Series presented by NVivo and SAGE Publications.

This presentation shines light on the opportunity to use surveys for a more robust mixed methods evaluation. Rather than analyzing qualitative and quantitative data separately and comparing results in a narrative, survey methods allow evaluators to move the point of integration from results to analysis. Integration during analysis often leads to the discovery of complex relationships and initiates new ideas. The New Hampshire Young Adult Assessment (NH YAA) will be used as an example to demonstrate analytic integration using QDA software. The NH YAA is an online survey that assesses substance use behaviors and beliefs among young adults. The team integrated the data for analysis through merging in NVivo. This facilitated comparative analysis of coded qualitative data across quantitatively defined subgroups (e.g., type of substance used) matched at the participant level. A visual joint display will be used to present findings.

Presenter: Erin Singer

Organization: JSI

As the Data & Evaluation Consultant at JSI, Erin is involved in multiple projects at JSI including evaluation of the Vermont Tobacco Control Program; the New Hampshire Center for Excellence Addressing Alcohol and other Drugs; and the HRSA Center of Excellence for Behavioral Health Technical Assistance. Her experience spans 10 years of research and evaluation in substance use; youth development and child welfare; and health equity. Her areas of technical expertise include evaluation design and survey methodology, mixed-methods research, and robust statistical analysis. Erin has worked as an epidemiologist and researcher for state departments, academic institutions, and nonprofit organizations. She is skilled in interpreting and communicating research and evaluation findings to ensure data-informed policy and practice decision-making. Erin has a PhD in social work from Boston College and an MSW from Portland State University.

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