Publish and Persevere: Writing and Representing Qualitative Research

Publishing and promoting research is paramount to creating critically needed change and foundational to becoming a successful scholar. In this webinar attendees will learn top tips for writing and publishing qualitative research and promoting research through educational media. Topics covered include creating an impactful title, abstract, and opening paragraph, writing the thematic research article from an essential research design, harnessing motivation, time and focus strategies, and ideas for forwarding research findings.

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About the Presenters

Maria K. E. Lahman is a professor at the University of Northern Colorado, Colorado, USA, where she is a qualitative research methodologist in the Department of Applied Statistics and Research Methods, College of Education and Behavioral Sciences. A Mennonite, Maria’s first forays in formal writing were within the context of social justice and peace building, which she continually challenges herself to weave into her pedagogy and writing. Her scholarship is focused on writing and representing qualitative research, with an emphasis on aesthetic accounts, young children, mothering, culturally responsive research, and creating ethical solutions within culturally complex contexts.

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